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Our Datasys method and robust technology make all your data accessible to everyone who needs it from Top to bottom: both technical and non-technical. With Datasys, users can make the best possible decisions in real-time to effect outcomes.

we are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in all interactions with our customers. We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers built on mutual respect and collaboration. We also understand that great products and solutions are brought about through listening to our customers to gain a deep understanding of their needs and then executing a plan. Our goal is to continue to deliver the best solutions and service to our customers in support of their efforts to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Datasys has the healthcare IT experience and strength to deliver a dramatically simplified approach to internal and external data integration and health information exchange for hospitals, radiology centers, laboratories, and clinics.

Our next generation software solutions are transformational and will streamline your IT environment, provide a fast track to achieving your interoperability goals, and create operational leverage within your organization. Clients automatically get rapid response to industry changes and AHS staff is equipped to deal with each client's specific needs.


We engineer your HIT transformation from the ground up to ensure your systems answer your organization's needs – then follow with the full knowledge transfer that ensures your team is confident using the new technology.


DATASYS COMPANY is growing in the Big Data ecosystem by delivering consulting, support and training for healthcare and software solutions A big-data revolution is under way in health care. Start with the vastly increased supply of information.

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have been aggregating years of research and development data into medical databases, while payors and providers have digitized their patient records

Big data is a big Return on Investment.While there is a lot of buzz about big data in the market.

Healthcare has 20% decrease in patient mortality by analyzing streaming patient data.

Big Data is the Future of Healthcare With big data poised to change the healthcare ecosystem, organizations need to devote time and resources to understanding this phenomenon and realizing the envisioned benefits.

Big Data = Big Opportunities.Big data has many implications for patients, providers, researchers, payers and other healthcare constituents.

Already, big companies and emerging startups are leading the way in the smart use of data.


Needed for Logical Datawarehouse:

Business users are dissatisfied with the traditional data warehousing.

The Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) is a new data management architecture for analytics which combines the strengths of traditional repository warehouses with alternative data management and access strategy. The LDW will form a new best practices by the end of 2015.

New analytic requirements have driven new analytic appliances such at IBM Netezza, EMC Greenplum and ParAccel.Big data analytics have driven Hadoop and other specialized data bases such as graph and key-value. This expanding diversity, along with data virtualization's ability to easily access and federate data,has ended the reign of the enterprise data warehouse as the singular best practice for large scale information management.