Our Vision

Datasys Consulting and Software Inc. is a healthcare management consulting firm whose vision has been to provide integrated software solutions primarily to the Healthcare Industry.Datasys america is a member of Health Level Seven – www.HL7.org and works to build end-to-end solutions regardless of platforms, operating systems or legacy systems.

Our unique perspective on healthcare integration comes from experience helping variety of organizations including hospitals, payers, vendors, and Pre Clinical, and Clinical labs at pharmaceutical companies.

We bring a cost-effective combination of project management, software systems engineering and architecture,and electronic data interchange standards experience and expertise to assist businesses and providers successfully implement and support interoperable systems.

Our innovative software solutions are complimented by an intense focus on supporting the people who use them. We recognize that our continued success is dependent upon our ability to help our customers deliver faster and more efficient integrations.

Our consultants have extensive experience with behavioral health systems analytics including Outcome measures and community behavioral health network effectiveness.They deliver integration projects in less time with the highest degree of reliability and success.