"Data as a commodity - Control on data & Action on data!!"

“ You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” - Daniel Keys Moran


Custom AI

Our services cover the development of specific-purpose AI with the view of further expanding its application.


At Datasys, we have a strong system that enables the inter-connectedness of devices and digital machines.

Digital Solution

We provides maintenance services for hosted data and application, leaving client organizations with financial responsibility.


We provide a highly secure environment for data and cloud-based applications to minimize the risk of loss or damage.

Blockchain Solution

We offer expert services and consultancy for the application of Blockchain solution and cryptographic security.

Cloud Solutions

With our cloud-based solutions, your organization can spend more time on achieving your core business goals.

Big Data Analysis & Visualization

In processing data, we use advanced data analysis systems to get valuable information that is relevant for market dominance and enabling users to gain insights from it.

Application Services

We provide a string of application management services ranging from application performance monitoring, load balancing, application acceleration and autoscaling.

Industries We Serve


We provides top quality support and services to government and significant government subcontractors.

Banking & Finance

We leverage crowdsourcing platforms to create strong capabilities through investments in emerging technology.


We have a diligent workforce in retail including logistics and supply chain and technological services to produce a creative design.

Health Care

Our expert team of data analysts & data scientists create a data-driven and data derived solutions to real life medical and health challenges.


Datasys America uses information technology, AI, data analytics, to facilitate the digital transformation in education.

Network & Communication

We leverage our innovative technology, and a team of AI experts to make active connections between all necessary players in the industry.


Datasys America has a well-developed robust technological and analytical knowledge to enhance the insurance industry.


We make use of analytical data to help you know the right thing to manufacture for the right set of people.

Oil & Gas

We us our IT and data analytics skills intending to integrate software and hardware solutions primarily to the oil and gas industry.