Big Data Analysis & Visualization

Big Data is one of the major aspects of data-driven technology that focuses on different ways whereby large data sets can be properly analyzed and processed; in order to extract information that is too large to be handled by the average data-processing software. The use of big data has mostly been for predictive analytics, behavioral analytics, pattern/trend discovery and other advanced processes of data analytics where valuable information is drawn from data sets. 

The process of creating value from data involves two major methods. They include Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Data analysis involves the processing of data sets in order to use the results derived to tackle an industry problem or provide an answer to a question. Data analysis is an exploratory journey into the application of refined data into solving real-life innovative or commercial issues. The analysis or processing of data can be used in the identification of business trends, consumer behavior, market pattern, or even weather forecast.

The problem, however, occurs when there is a need to interpret or present analyzed data in a form with minimum technicality and maximum comprehension. In order to solve this, big data experts, such as Datasys, engage the elements of visual representations of data in order to foster the understanding of its analysis. The process of implementing a comprehensible visual representation of data is known as Data Visualization. 

Data visualization involves the representation of data of any kind, in an insightful graphical form in order to allow easy interpretation and understanding of its analysis. Corporate graphs, pie charts, and histograms are a less technical presentation of data. More complex forms include infographics, heat maps, and fever charts.

In processing data, Datasys uses advanced data analysis systems to get valuable information that is relevant for market dominance and present it in the simplest way, enabling users to gain insights from it.