Cloud Migration

The process of moving data, applications, information and other business-related components into a cloud computing facility, from own data center /on-premise setup, is called Cloud Migration. 

In other words, a company or organization can move some, or all of its data center capabilities into a more sophisticated cloud-based facility. They would then have to run their data centers on a cloud computing facility provided or hosted by a cloud service provider. That is where we come in. At Datasys, we offer a cloud-based platform for hosting large data sets and applications. 

Cloud migration involves the creation of a cloud-based storage platform for hosting data, applications and other business elements owned by an organization or agency, where this information can be moved and used without having to rely on local servers and computational infrastructures. Cloud migration could be done from a local server to the cloud facility, or from one cloud-based platform to another. This model is called Cloud-To-Cloud migration.

More companies are becoming aware of the tremendous advantages they can enjoy by running an internet-based data center. Some of these advantages include:

1) Flexibility:

Cloud-based services are perfect for growing businesses with prospective expansion in view. It also allows a business to scale down, where the need be. The flexible nature of the cloud-based system gives companies that have incorporated it in their system an edge over industry competitors. 

2) Disaster Recovery:

With cloud computing, businesses that migrate their data set to cloud facilities have a better shot at enjoying a robust disaster recovery system. 

3) Automatic Software Management:

Cloud migration comes with a maintenance-free system where the providers take care of your applications, providing system and security updates where need be. This allows business owners to be able to face the core of their business.

4) Remoteness:

With your data center up in the clouds, it is very easy to access them anywhere, anytime and for any reason.

5) Security and anti-destruction:

Cloud-based data are destruction-free and highly secured. No panic of fire destruction or document theft or security threat etc.